Promoting vision .. equipping the saints. The vision is clear: to support the body of Christ in Mexico with vision and resources to impact their spiritual growth. The ministry details of how this vision gets carried out are where it gets exciting. We have an un-believable and unprecedented opportunity to reach people in Mexico! By the grace of God, and by taking one step of faith at a time, we are jumping at the opportunity to bless as many churches as possible. Our reach currently extends to the whole of the state of Sonora and Sinaloa (350 churches,) providing church resources and training. We are able to have a somewhat more direct impact on the churches on our local area, here in Huatabampo (35 churches.)


Ministry Materials and Programs

Children's ministry Materials for 2008 includes a 9-month curriculum and a VBS, both with childrenís books for two ages: 3-7 and 8-12. In 2005, our distribution was for around 1000 kids. In 2006, this jumped to 7000 kids and in 2007, we distributed material for 20,000 kids. We are excited to see what 2008 brings! >>more

Youth Materials - During our first three years, we were often asked "when will the youth material be available." Well, it finally will be! We have no idea what the demand will be, but we are producing material for distribution in 2008.

Materials for men's programs, women's programs, marriage programs, etc... all these are on our hearts to expand state-wide, just waiting on the time and resources to launch.

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Training Seminars

The children's ministry materials were distributed last year primarily through a tour we make in the Spring visiting 8 cities and presenting a three-hour training seminar where we promoted vision, gave practical tips, and ministry training. An additional two day Children's Ministry seminar is presented in several larger cities. This year the tour will be longer and in more cities, and we are excited to bring on board other speaking teams so that so we are not the bottle-neck for getting the ministry done.  We are praying about when to launch other ministry tours.

Blessings to the Locals

While our reach is well beyond the local area, we have other resources available to local pastors and lay-ministers out of our office. Since the needs are so huge around the state, we have realized that we only have the resources to provide locally in the following areas:

Christian Bookstore

We are able to purchase books at wholesale prices. We have a small bookstore where we sell books at or below our cost. Bibles, study aids, popular books and our favorites are available. This is the only Bible bookstore in the local area and our prices can't be beat!

Print Shop

We have the equipment to publish our own books, so we extend this service to local ministers. We print a lot of flyers, tracts and promotional posters as well as study books for individual churches. We either charge the cost of the materials or nothing for this service. It has been a real blessing to the area to have low-cost publications. In addition, CD and cassette duplication is available to ministries.

Pastoral Work Station - We have a computer workstation equipped with top-line Bible study software and an internet connection available for the use of pastors for study and preparation.

Local Events

Our focus in all the local events is to present something they can re-create in their local church. These events include an annual Valentines Day banquet for pastors and their wives, women's ministry events, pastoral training events, as well as occasional social fellowship events. Itís a blessing when we hear back reports of how many churches are duplicating the event in their communities!