Whew! Busy Day, but so rewarding! (Continued)

October 2, 2007 /By: Kristi

What a busy day yesterday, filled with Spanish all day long!!! (I may be fluent in Spanish, but it is tiring after hours and hours of it in a day) The meeting with the pastor’s alliance went great, and they received the evangelism CD project with enthusiasm. We got one order right there in the meeting for 50 CDs, and...

                                                                                                                                        ...the other pastors wanted to get their information correct (we print their church address and service times on each booklet) and make an order later this week. They wondered if we would be able to keep up with the demand of all the orders: and we sure hope so! For starters, Ruben is across the office from me right now, folding booklets for the first order, and I burned his 50 CDs last night.

Yesterday afternoon a group of 4 Apostolic pastors arrived from Obregon, with a long list of needs. It took the whole team of us to ‘attend to them.’ They came to me with all their questions, stuff in the bookstore, questions about what new products we have, and questions on the new evangelism CD. Then they had group promotional order, as well as each having separate print jobs, and then children’s ministry material needs ‘ta boot!’ I got the class numbers, and Dwight dove into making curriculum packs for them. When he finished that, he helped scan a logo for a print job they needed, and cleaned it up, Ruben burned CDs for them, Dwight printed the booklets to go with, and together they made up some example sets. They all found stuff in the store they needed (some free stuff) and had separate piles going. They also enjoyed a cup of coffee as they browsed, (Paz helped me get the water going in the dispenser) but no one really took time to sit down. They enjoyed asking me questions about the ministry, and the office. What is this machine for? …and this one? …and this one? Do you use all four of these work stations? When is the next children’s ministry material ready? All of the pastors had used our recent “Explora tu Fe’ material for their children’s ministry, and had finished the program, and were OUT of material. I informed them that the new would be ready by February. (LORD WILLING- AND I KEEP AT IT) At the end they asked me to add up their stacks, carefully separating the free stuff (so I wouldn’t charge them.) One pastor said he would probably order 500 of the new evangelism CD. I think they were in the office for an hour and a half! It was exhausting, but they had driven hours to get here, and all had plans and needs… AND THAT IS ONE REASON WHY WE ARE HERE!!!


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